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Our mission is simple. Trailworkers.com is dedicated to preserving and improving our public trails.

We promote trail work projects in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay areas. We recruit and train volunteers and provide leadership for many of the trail work projects. We work closely with local land managers to plan, coordinate, and execute projects. Our website is a resource center that provides valuable information regarding our past, present, and future workdays.

Along with maintaining our trails, we hope to teach trail users of all types the value of cooperation and working together to help care of our public lands. Together, we really do make a difference.

Trailworkers.com is committed to:

  • Maintaining and building trails for use by all.
  • Training crews and crew leaders.
  • Educating all park users in the value of land stewardship by caring for our trails.
  • Consulting with land managers on the mitigation of problems.
  • Being a trailwork information center for trail users and supporting organizations.

We believe multiple use trails are a viable solution to the problem of increased demand by all user groups for recreational access to a limited amount of public land in Northern California. We believe that all trail user groups-- hikers, equestrians, and cyclists -- can get along and learn to share and care for our precious parkland resources. Trailworkers.com is here to support our trail system, and build a sense of community amongst all user groups who share our goals. We can make a difference.