A New Year in Nisene Marks

15 January 2006

On the 15th of January, the Advocates and Trailworkers.com kicked off a new season of trail work in the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park. For the last three months, we’ve been threatening to re-route the Mill Pond trail, but need to have our State Parks representative, Barbi Barry with us for that project. Since she had a family emergency, we had to go to plan B again this month.

With the largest crew that we’ve had in months, we set out to fix some storm damage on the Bridge Creek trail and the Ridge Connection trail. Chris Foster and his crew, Greg Weaver, Trevor Strudley, Diane Delucchi, and Dave Barauna took off up through Hoffman’s to the Ridge Connection trail to clean up a section of trail that looks more like a creek in the winter&this involved knocking down some of the berm and installing some drains. They also scouted out a couple of areas that are in need of some work and will plan future projects.

Carol Cuminale and the other crew, consisting of trail work regulars Harvey Hartman and Tanya Larson, and the returning Roger Kern, and a couple of newbies to trail work, Megan Tittle and Savi Savinovich, along with State Park employee Tyler (sorry, didn’t get his last name), set off up to Bridge Creek trail to repair and re-route a section of trail that had a fairly major mudslide during the recent storms. In fact, it had gotten worse overnight, with the downing of another tree in the same area. Our mission was to route the trail around the area that had slipped and pack down the slimy mud as best we could, keeping in mind that this is a very popular trail and safety was a major consideration.

We re-routed the slide section by cutting into the bank and making new trail, while Megan and Savi set about packing down the mud making some steps up to the new section. Once the trail was set, we determined that a small tree needed to come out and the guys took turns with a Pulaski until it was no longer a factor. Our work here was done!! Now all we needed was a little more rain to see if it would hold!

On the way out to meet the other crew and catch our ride, Harvey and Carol lagged behind with the loppers and made small work of those low-hanging branches making sure the trail was clear of debris. All in all, it was a very productive day and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves in the process.

Just another day in the park, and the crew looks pretty pleased with itself after a day of hard work! From front to back: Greg Weaver, Harvey Hartman, Roger Kern, Trevor Strudley, Tanya Larson, Megan Tittle, and Savi Savinovich. Missing from the photo were Chris Foster, Carol Cuminale and Tyler (but we got Tyler’s truck in the photo). Also missing were Diane Delucchi and Dave Barauna who had to leave early.

Just a note: Both areas that were worked on this day have been checked after another rain and they are holding quite nicely. We really do make a difference!